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    Transportation Vehicles for Sale

    Mascus provides a wide selection of used transport vehicles for sale. Ads of transportation vehicles from all over the world have been divided in subcategories which you can see below. Please follow one of the links to start browsing.
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    How does Mascus facilitate searching for used transport vehicles?

    In all the subcategories you can find used transport vehicles for sale placed by dealers or by transportation and logistics companies or by trucks owners . Please remember that Mascus is not the owner of the advertised used transportation vehicles and does not participate in the selling process. To buy the chosen vehicle or obtain more information you have to contact the seller directly. You can use the phone number or e-mail given or fill in the contact form visible just below the ad. Do not forget to mention Mascus as a source of information, so that our clients know their advertisements are successful.

    How Mascus can help to sell used transport vehicles?

    If you are a company or a private person owning used transport vehicles you may easily advertise them on our web pages. Check our price list to find out more about costs. The dealers of used transport vehicles should contact Mascus Ireland team to obtain details about special packages aimed at regular clients.

    Is it possible to place a Want Ad request for used transportation vehicle?

    If you are unable to find the exact used transport vehicle that you wish to buy, you can try the ‘Want ad’ service. It is fast and easy - fill in a Want ad request where to specify brand, year of production, price etc. of the used transport vehicle you would like to buy. Your enquiry will be send to dealers of used transportation vehicles who advertise on Mascus and they will present their matching offers directly to you. This service is free of charge so do not hesitate to use it to obtain interesting offers.

    How Mascus can help me to finance or transport used transportation vehicles I am interested in?

    Each product card presenting used transportation vehicles has logos of companies that offer transportation and financial services.  To contact those companies and obtain quotation, simply click on the logo of one of them. You will be asked to fill in a contact form and you will be contacted by the company directly. You can find more information about the service here.

    What about security issues when purchasing used transport vehicles that can be found on Mascus?

    Mascus publishes classified ads both from professional dealers and private sellers. In general anyone can place ads on Mascus’ website. As Mascus does not take part in the transaction, you have to agree all the details with the seller directly. To make sure you understand the terms of use, please read our security advice and General Terms.

    Why it is advisable to register if I want to buy used transport vehicles?

    For registered users there are many advantages that make browsing, comparing and sending Want ads for used transport vehicles faster and easier. New features are added continuously. Registration on Mascus gives you lots of opportunities and is free of charge. Please find out how to register and make the most of Mascus’ services.