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  • Volvo FL10, 1996, Vehicle transporters

    Volvo FL10Other information/spec: Plant truck, lift axle, full test, very good condition.

    Vehicle transporters

    12,000 EUR
  • Volvo FM12 380, 2010, Tipper trucks

    Volvo FM12 380Registration year: 2010, Axle configuration: 8x4, Emission class: Euro 5, Suspension type: Parabolic-parabolic, Cabin: Day cab, Drive: Right hand, engine output: 380, Transmission: 9 speed manual, Max. payload: 20000, Gross weight: 32000, Tipping device: Front tipper, Colour: WHITE, Other information/spec: FM13 380 8X4 C/W PPG ALLOY INSULATED TIPPER WITH E

    Tipper trucks
    2010 456,000 km
    Ireland, NAAS IRELAND

  • Volvo FH13 480, 2010, Tractor Units

    Volvo FH13 480Registration year: 2010, Axle configuration: 4x2, Drive: Right hand, Cabin: Sleeper cab, engine output: 480, Transmission: 12 SPEED MANUAL, Emission class: Euro 4, Colour: WHITE, Other information/spec: FH13 480 GLOBETROTTER XL 4X2 MANUAL A/C TWIN TANKS SUPER SINGLES 12 MONTHS DOE

    Tractor Units
    2010 800 km
    Ireland, NAAS IRELAND

    23,500 EUR
  • Volvo FM9 340, 2006, Fire trucks

    Volvo FM9 340Power type: Diesel, Registration year: 2006, Axle configuration: 4x2, Drive: Right hand, Cabin: Crew cab, engine output: 340, Transmission: AUTO, Colour: RED, Other information/spec: FM9-340 CREW CAB I SHIFT BROWNS FIRE ENGINE

    Fire trucks

    12,500 EUR
  • Volvo FM12 380, 2001, Crane trucks

    Volvo FM12 380Grading (1-5): 4, Amount of previous owners: 2, Registration year: 2001, Axle configuration: 8x4, Suspension type: Leaf-leaf, Cabin: Day cab, Crane make: HMF, Drive: Right hand, engine output: 380, Transmission: 8 SPEED, Gross weight: 32000, Colour: RED, Other information/spec: FM12 380 8X4 STEEL TIPPER C/W HMF1144 CRANE AND CLAMSHELL BUCKET

    Crane trucks
    Ireland, NAAS IRELAND

    12,500 EUR
  • Volvo FH13 460, 2010, Tractor Units

    Volvo FH13 460 TagTractor truck type: Standard tractor/trailer unit, Front tyres / undercarriage remaining: 70%, Last inspection date: 10/12/2016, Grading (1-5): 4, Rear tyres remaining : 70%, Registration year: 2010, Axle configuration: 6x2, Drive: Right hand, Cabin: Extended cab, engine output: 460, Emission class: Euro 5, Gross weight: 46000, Body options: Adjustable steering wheel Air conditioning Cabin suspension - air Differential lock Driver seat air-cushioned Electric windows Tarpauline

    Tractor Units
    2010 684,000 km
    Ireland, South