Petrol Generator 6.5 kW AVR CIMEX PG8000T for sale - Bulgaria

Price excl. VAT
462 EUR
Price excl. VAT
462 EUR
Product category / GroupPetrol Generators
Brand / modelPetrol Generator 6.5 kW AVR CIMEX PG8000T
Mnftr year2019
Extra optionsNew/unused
Mascus ID3C413FDB
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Price excl. VAT462 EUR
VAT (20%)92 EUR
Price incl. VAT554 EUR
Grading (1-5)
EngineCimex G420
engine output6.50 kW (9 hp)
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage380 V
Tank volume25 l
Gross Weight89 kg
Transport dimensions (LxWxH)700 x 550 x 550
Production countryBulgaria
Other information/specDesigned for professional use, the new CIMEX PG8000T three-phase power generator combines power, reliability and mobility. Wide variety of three-phase machines can be supplied with this power generator with a rated power of 6.0 kW / 380 V. The three-phase power generator’s components are protected by shields mounted on the tube frame. Like every one of CIMEX’s power generators, whether single-phase or three-phase, gasoline or diesel, this model is also equipped with AVR (automatic output voltage regulator) to provide a stable output voltage.

As mentioned, the three-phase power generator has a 25-litre fuel tank - a volume sufficient for 8-10 hours of uninterrupted operation with one charge. The fuel level is mechanically indicated.

The instrument panel of the CIMEX PG8000T three-phase power generator is equipped with ignition key, multifunction display, safety switches as well as the three-phase and mono-phase sockets.

The soft start switch has three positions - off, contact, start.

The multifunctional digital meter is presenting information for a moto-hours counter, voltmeter and a hertz meter. Thanks to the counter of the moto-hours, the power generator service oil change intervals can be easily followed. Timely service (oil change) is one of the most important preventions for trouble-free operation of the three-phase power generator.

The 220V and 380V sockets have dust and moisture protection.

The power generator is equipped with automatic maximum point protection for preventing continues overload.

The alternator has all-copper coils to provide and maintain maximum efficiency in continuous work and loads. Equipped with an AVR (automatic output voltage regulator), the power generator provides a stable output voltage even when the load is changeable.

The power generator is powered by a 4-stroke CIMEX G420 engine with transistor ignition (TCI), 16 hp power and Engine displacement - 439 cm3.

To protect the engine from a low level of oil, the power generator is equipped with an oil level sensor. When attempting to start the engine with oil below the required minimum, protection will not allow you to. With this feature, the power generator can be used to provide electricity in areas with significant amounts of dust during work. For that matter, the air filter is also washable, sponge type. If you pollute the filter, clean it up with soap, grease it and it is ready for use again - saving you costs of purchasing a new one.

Technical Characteristics:

• Output voltage (V): 220, 380
• Number of phases: 3 (three-phase)
• Rated current (A): 17
• Maximum power (kW): 6.5
• Rated power (kW): 6.0
• Exit: 12V YES
• Aut. voltage regulator (AVR): YES

• Fuel: Petrol
• Model: G420
• Working volume (cm3): 439
• Power (hp): 16.0
• Number of cylinders: 1
• Cooling: Air
• Starter: Electric + manual
• Fuel tank volume (l): 25

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Details - Grading (1-5): 5, Engine: Cimex G420, engine output: 6.50 kW (9 hp), Frequency: 50 Hz, Voltage: 380 V, Tank volume: 25 l, Gross Weight: 89 kg, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 700 x 550 x 550 mm, Production country: Bulgaria