hoe-lister p475 / 2 with norma bomet string roller for sale - Poland

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989 EUR
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Price excl. VAT
989 EUR
4,545 PLN
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Brand / modelhoe-lister p475 / 2 with norma bomet string roller
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Price excl. VAT989 EUR  (4,545 PLN)
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Internal stock no.P4752+wałki/Bomet/hurt001
Other information/specThanks to the possibilities of modern production of agricultural machinery, as well as the advancement of technology, work on a
farm becomes less strenuous and more automated. For many farms, agricultural machinery
is invaluable, allowing you to save time, but also to improve the efficiency of the work performed. Potato cultivation in Poland
began in 1683, when the potato tubers were brought by King Jan III Sobieski during his return from the Viennese expedition. Of course, potato cultivation has changed dramatically since then. This does not mean that those systems of growing this raw material were bad, but time has certainly worked to the advantage here. Currently, the harvesting of tubers, as well as the cultivation of potatoes itself, are mostly mechanized works. The consumer gets a clean product, often already packed. Of course, this valuable agricultural machine is dedicated to all inter-row crops for plants that grow in ridges (e.g. potatoes, beets, corn, strawberries).
The choice of modern machines is huge, so that the work is much more effective for the process of weeding, but also for covering and loosening between rows, a hoe-ridger is used. It is a very universal device, thanks to which you can perform a number of activities faster and more efficiently. Hoe-hiller
with string rollers Norma is a machine that allows, as the name suggests, the removal of weeds and sprinkling potatoes, such an activity performs several important functions: scrubbing the soil on the lower parts of the stalks, as well as the root system of potatoes loosening the soil removing weeds Currently, it is difficult to imagine another type working with potato cultivation than with the use of a hoe-topper.
This machine can be used for plants with a height of 60 cm. The width of cultivated inter-rows is adjustable in the range from 62.5 cm - 75 cm, while the depth at which we work is regulated up to 10 cm with the support wheel.
The hoe-ridger is equipped with:
light spring tines, goose feet, rippers, covering coulters, string rollers with a diameter of 210 mm.

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