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Other information/specThanks to the possibilities of modern production of agricultural machinery
, as well as the advancement of technology, the works related to establishing lawns or cultivating the soil for sowing become less strenuous and more automated. For owners of larger arable areas or companies setting up gardens, agricultural machinery
is invaluable, allowing them to save time and obtain better efficiency of work performed.
In order to enjoy a beautiful dense lawn or a magnificent crop of vegetables and fruit, it is very important to properly prepare the soil. These works are primarily to make it fluff, not to be too compact, but also not too light, in addition, it is necessary that it has an appropriate level of humidity and aeration. It is important to provide the right amount of nutrients that ensure the proper growth of plants. Nutrients include the humus content of the soil.
The condition for success is proper preparation for such works. Manual preparation of the substrate, unfortunately, takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes can cause us a lot of unforeseen complications. Hence, more and more people decide to buy a rotary tiller
How does a rotary tiller work? How is a separating tiller different from a conventional tiller? A rotary tiller
is a machine that, connected to a tractor, is designed to mechanically dig, crush and loosen the ground. Thanks to the work of the tiller
, we can remove the old turf from the lawn, dig the soil, remove weeds, level the ground while preparing for a new lawn or vegetable crops.
Thanks to the knives mounted on the rotating shaft, the soil fragments are cut and shredded. The knives on the SB separating tiller
turn against the direction of travel of the tractor. The rods separating stones are a very important element in the construction of the tiller. The direction of rotation of the knives causes the soil to be sifted through the mentioned system of bars, which act as a sieve, separating the larger elements from the small ones. The whole coarse fraction, such as stones, sticks, roots, larger lumps of soil, land on the first lower layer of soil and are covered by a shredded, properly prepared substrate.
Thanks to the rear shaft of the separating tiller
, we regulate the working depth of the machine and at the same time we get a leveled and compacted substrate ready for further cultivation. This is a major advantage of the separating rotary tiller
and this is what makes it different from a conventional rotary tiller.
The main application of the separation roller
is to assist in the establishment of lawns, it is also an ideal tool for leveling previously disturbed soil.
What else distinguishes the SB separating tiller? This machine has the possibility of a minimal side shift
, thanks to which we can additionally refine the position of the machine behind the tractor. In the case of cultivators
, a drive chain is used, which requires the use of a PTO shaft with protection, i.e. a shear wedge or a clutch in order to secure the tractor's modes and machine gears.
The SB 125 4FARMER separating cultivator
is simple to build and solidly constructed. The hinged flap function makes it easier to keep the machine clean and provides better access to the main shaft of the knife axis.
Above the hinged flap on both sides of the machine there are two shock-absorbing elements. When a larger stone or lump of soil gets under the tines, these elements will protect the upper surface of the tiller
from hitting the floating moving part of the machine.
If you are looking for an aggregate that combines all the elements that allow you to prepare the soil for sowing, the separation tiller will be the product for you! Are you looking for a tiller for smaller areas? See SB 85 4FARMER separating tiller S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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